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Our experienced team of experts have spent 30 years evolving and delivering tailored strategic solutions for our clients.
Primeline have become the largest independent Irish provider of express road freight between Ireland and the UK by developing an intricate understanding of the market. By realising the importance of collaboration and communication, we've equipped our professional teams with invaluable insights that strengthen our knowledge in a fast-moving industry. Our dedication to our clients is paramount so whether it's a quick quote or simply solving a problem, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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What We Do

We utilise our extensive collection and delivery infrastructure to provide a wide range of reliable and consistent overnight distribution services between the UK and Ireland, combining high levels of customer service and competitive pricing. Our dedication to innovative thinking and our extensive investment in the latest technology, allows us to stay ahead of the competition while allowing you access to real-time delivery information throughout all stages of your journey.

Our Services

Our extensive network and expert staff allow us to provide the most comprehensive selection of flexible services across Ireland and the UK.

Using a combination of best-practice, cutting-edge technology and unique insights garnered from 30 years at the top of our profession, we can manage requirements and maximise budgets within our UK-Ireland-UK Express Service, Scottish Express Service and European Import/Export Service.

Tracking Orders

Over the last 30 years, we have maintained our market-leading position in part because of our significant investment in track and trace technology. For example, each of our drivers across our 200+ fleet is now equipped with the latest PDA handheld device. This allows us to relay live online delivery information to our clients, from collection to delivery.Our goal is always to make sure our clients have access to real time information throughout the transit process.

Client Sectors

Primeline Express are proud partners to industry leading brands across the UK and Irish markets.
From transporting high value items to clients in the Automotive or Construction sectors, to working with leading Aerospace and IT clients, to ensuring our Retail clients receive their on-time deliveries into High Street fashion retail, our focus is on meeting and exceeding our clients' requirements.

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