Primeline Group Fleet Investing in HVO Fossil Fuel Free Biofuels
  • January 5, 2024
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Primeline Group Fleet Investing in HVO Fossil Fuel Free Biofuels

As part of our commitment to our sustainable strategy, Primeline Group is implementing the usage of HVO fuels on Ashbourne-based vehicles starting in Q1 2024 with continuing rollout throughout 2024.

What is HVO Biofuel?

HVO, or hydrotreated vegetable oil, is the next generation of low-carbon diesel. It is derived from non-food grade crops, excess animal fats from food manufacturing, spent cooking oils, and tall oil. In a broader sense, biofuel is an energy source that is renewable and derived from algae, plants, or animals.

HVO fuels are now a practical option to help cut emissions from diesel vehicles and industries as the globe moves toward more environmentally friendly methods to slow down climate change and save the environment. It has nearly no sulphur or aromatics content and is categorized as a paraffinic fuel, an emerging category of cleaner transportation fuel.

Primeline and HVO Biofuel

With nearly 300 trucks in the Primeline fleet, our business relies heavily upon diesel engines using the European standard EN590 diesel. HVO fuel is an excellent solution to tackling emissions as it is interchangeable with the diesel that we currently use, allowing us to implement it instantly without changing our current assets and infrastructure. This results in a faster transition from fossil fuels and an immediate drop in carbon emissions emitted from our Ashbourne-based vehicles. A complete rollout across scope 1 is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

Our Sustainability Strategy

The move to HVO biofuel at Primeline comes in combination with multiple other efforts included in our sustainability strategy. All of our sites across Ireland have moved to certifiable renewable energy contracts. We have also invested €1.2m into the installation of two 460kw solar PV plants, one of which was completed in 2023 with the other being installed in 2024. These efforts will combine to achieve Primeline’s long-term sustainability goals of carbon neutrality by 2035.